Aluminium trade at Gambolò


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Commercio alluminio Gambolò

Aluminium alloys

The aluminium alloys, call also light alloys, are mainly gotten through the combination of the aluminium with the copper (Cu), the magnesium (Mg), the manganese (Mn), the silicon (Si) and the zinc (Zn). The aluminium alloys are employed in several industrial areas and sectors, from the railway up to that aeronautical field, from the engine applications to the reservoirs for the criogenic applications, up to the accessories for kitchen and to the construction of the looms of the bicycles. The aluminium alloys can be submitted to workmanships of lamination, milling and forging. The aluminium division of our company is able to prepare also the plates in aluminium cut-to-custom.

Great experience in the sector


Our company can boast a long and consolidated experience in the sector of the workmanship andthe commerce of aluminium at Gambolò.
We have a stock of plates in aluminium of 1300 tons intwelve different alloys, with thicknesses that vary from 0,5 mm up to 1100 mm. Besides we haveeleven lines of cut, that allow a rapid and extremely precise service.


Since the far 1961 our company is a real point of reference of the sector, relatively to the market of the alloys in aluminium and of the iron and steel industry. Our aluminium division is specialized in the sector of stamps and of the mechanical applications. So many are our points of strength, that allow our enterprise to guarantee services and products of excellent quality, in line with the last tendencies of the market and the novelties of the sector. To ask for further information or in the eventuality to receive an estimate don'y hesitate to contact our staff, always at your complete disposition.
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