Widespread assortment of products

We have a wide selection in stock of aluminium plates at Gambolò and we guarantee to our many clients a range of complete services. Our company, through a great experience, is able to assure seriousness and competence offering the following services:

Complete assortment (Stock of 7000 t)
Quality of the materials at highest levels
Release of quality certifications according to the European Laws
Fast delivers
Competitive prices
Complete assistance

Aluminium plates Gambolò


Piastre alluminio Gambolò


We of Italferro have eleven lines of cut that allow to prepare the material cut-to-measure, in relationship to the demand of the consumer, in fast times and with extreme precision. Besides we are able to also furnish pre-working to the clientele, as for instance the milling, in order to obtain bored, contoured, corrected plates, disks and particular outlines.

Constant updating

With the purpose to remain always competitive as time goes by, our specialized team takes part to important updatings of the sector and to seminars of deepening. For us it is important to be able to guarantee to all of our clients services and products to the state-of-the-art, capable to fully satisfy every kind of application. For this we invest every day on the most modern technologies, through which it is possible to reach the hoped results. For further information or to ask for possible estimates don't hesitate to contact our staff, through the special section present on this site.


Fast deliveries

We provide comfortable daily deliveries in province of Milan, Pavia and Novara. As it regards the delivery some materials in the remaining areas of Lombardia and Piemonte delivery time is only of twenty-four hours. Within forty-eight hours we also guarantee the delivery in Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Toscana and in the rest of Italy.